Republican Shane Coley announces for State Senate Seat in 47th District

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Winder, GA - August 5, 2009 - Shane Coley announced his candidacy for the Georgia state Senate today. He is seeking election in the 47th District which includes Barrow, Madison and Oglethorpe counties and portions of Clarke, Elbert, and Jackson counties. Senator Ralph Hudgens is not a candidate for re-election.

Coley, a conservative republican and native Georgian, is excited about bringing new energy and a non-political focus to the seat.

"Georgia needs bold leaders who understand the source of the problems facing our state," Coley said. "We need fewer rules, less taxes, smaller government and more liberty." Coley added that it was productive Georgians and not state officials that have made Georgia great.

Shane has a passion for Georgia and the United States which has driven him to study their history and social systems for well over a decade.

"Leaders in various roles waste their time working on symptoms and ignoring root causes. I am committed to offering my fellow Georgians the opportunity to vote for a Senator who understands what is required to restore liberty and prosperity in Georgia," said Coley.

Coley, 43, attended Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in Tifton, GA and studied Agricultural Engineering at the University of Georgia. He was raised in the cattle business which helps him better understand the needs of Georgians.

"My years of agricultural experience and an agricultural family heritage equip me to serve the essential agricultural interests of the 47th District as well as the families who depend upon farming, cattle production, poultry production and other ag-related industries," said Coley.

In 1991, at the age of 25, Coley founded MSC Enterprises, a technology business headquartered in Winder. He also works closely with IST Management Services, a technology and services firm. Years of experience in the business technology field has given Coley an insider's perspective on the importance of supporting business and creating jobs in Georgia's economy.

"Defending existing business and attracting productive low-tech and high-tech business to Georgia is vital to our economic future and for creating jobs," said Coley.

In the Georgia State Senate, Coley will work to reduce the tax burden on working Georgia families and retirees. He will pursue every opportunity to shrink government spending.

Coley plans to do all he can to advance conservative values like shrinking government, protecting the second amendment, supporting the Human Life amendment to the Georgia constitution and preserving marriage as defined between one woman and one man.

"I intend to promote legislation that limits the scope and power of government and reduces its interference in my constituent's day to day life," said Coley.

Coley has two adult children with his wife Leesa of 22 years. The Coleys reside in Winder, Georgia where Shane is a deacon at First Baptist Church Statham and sits on the board of directors for a local pro-life center called Come Alive Ministries.

"I believe running for the state Senate is a way I can serve our country and my district," said Coley. "I want to work to preserve the rights of life, liberty and property for everyone."