"I am honored by the support of Doug Bower and Kelley Gary, two fellow candidates from the 47th District State Senate race.

During the campaign we had spirited discussion and highlighted differences in our leadership styles...

However, the three of us have a serious commitment to smaller government, greater prosperity and more liberty. That commitment brings us together now.

I am pleased to say these two candidates have been gentlemen and friends throughout the campaign." ~ Shane Coley

Kelley Gary Endorses Shane Coley for State Senate

For Immediate Release

July 7, 2010

Contact: Kelley Gary


Kelley Gary Endorses Shane Coley for State Senate

Kelley Gary, former Republican candidate for the Georgia State Senate, today issued a statement of endorsement for Shane Coley.

"While I was not successful in my run for State Senate, I remain very concerned about the future of Georgia. Therefore, I am endorsing Shane Coley for the Georgia Senate, and I want to explain why.

Over the past year, as we competed, I got to know Shane, and now consider him to be a friend. Shane works hard, tells the truth, and is a passionate advocate for liberty. He has great expertise in the field of economics and his knowledge of these principles will enable him to be a watchdog for the taxpayer in the Georgia Senate.

As a businessman, I trust Shane Coley to fight against government intrusion into our lives. I know that he will lead the fight against higher taxes and more government regulations that kill small businesses and destroy jobs.

As a family man married to an educator, I know that Shane will work to improve educational opportunities for our children and to make Georgia an even more family-friendly place.

Shane Coley is a solid conservative of real substance that goes far beyond political slogans and rhetoric. He has deep convictions. You can trust Shane to stand strong against illegal immigration. He is staunchly in favor of the right to keep and bear arms.

I encourage voters in District 47 to join me in returning to the polls on August 10th and voting for Shane Coley."

Shane's website is www.ShaneColey.us


Doug Bower Joins Shane Coley for State Senate

Doug Bower, Ph.D.

54 Timberland Tr • Arnoldsville, GA 30619 • 706-742-7246


Date: July 23, 2010

Contact: Douglas (Doug) Bower


Doug Bower Joins Shane Coley for State Senate

Arnoldsville, GA— Doug Bower, former candidate for the Georgia State Senate District 47, has joined Shane Coley for State Senate. “Shane Coley and I made a commitment to each other to run positive campaigns during our very first meeting,” Bower said. “We did not waiver from that commitment with each other,” he said. “While our campaign strategies were different, our philosophies are similar: limited government, fiscally responsible government, and free markets,” Bower said. “I therefore have made a commitment to help Mr. Coley in pursuing a run-off victory.”

The run-off date for the General Primary is August 10, 2010.