Coley calls for strict lobbying reform

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Coley calls for strict lobbying reform

Winder, GA - December 8, 2009 - Shane Coley, conservative Republican State Senate candidate, today pledged to sponsor or introduce tough legislation to prohibit members of the Georgia General Assembly from receiving anything of value from lobbyists.

"Georgians must be assured that legislators represent them, not special interests. Right now, they believe that the opposite is true. Citizens are justifiably angry and dismayed at revelations that leading Republican legislators have received cash, plane tickets, expensive trips, tickets to baseball games, golf outings and expensive dinners from lobbyists," Coley said, "The same was true when the Democrats held the majority." Coley added that voters he has spoken with equate this 'wining-and-dining', and worse, with bribery.

"We must rid our State Capitol of the appearance of evil and, in some cases, literal corruption. Georgia citizens deserve and should demand integrity in their government." Coley said. "As Senator, I will introduce or sponsor legislation making it illegal for lobbyists to offer legislators any item or benefit of value, or for legislators to receive such gifts from lobbyists."

Coley believes the maximum gift value should be zero dollars and that lobbyists should be limited to providing legislators with information only.

Coley is seeking the 47th District state Senate seat, which includes Barrow, Madison and Oglethorpe counties, as well as portions of Clarke, Elbert and Jackson counties.

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