AZ Style Immigration Law

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Strong Enforcement

Defend Our Borders

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    "I was actively fighting against illegal immigration in 2007 and 2008. Illegal Immigration is front and center in the news again today."

    "One of my opponents is using a FALSE statement in a newspaper article and then further distorting my position with more FALSE claims."

    "Even the misleading article itself shows that the attack is unfounded because all four candidates were reported as favoring better immigration control."

    "And finally, the article is in the Barrow Journal, not the Jackson Herald." ~ Shane Coley

    "I absolutely and vehemently oppose the federal government filing suit against Arizona over the AZ immigration law! Insanity. How can the federal government, which violates the US Constitution daily, file suit against the states and people which grant it limited power?" ~ Shane Coley

    "The federal government has created the illegal immigration problems that we face today. We now face Constitutional, legal and economic considerations tangled together into a knot. While searching for a workable solution to our illegal immigation problems, we must not foolishly destroy business and the economy that help Americans keep their jobs and feed their families. Solving a problem of this magnitude is complex and requires knowledge, wisdom and fortitutde." ~ Shane Coley

Arizona Style Immigration Law

    "Shane Coley has always supported the maximum and most aggressive enforcement of our immigration laws. As your state senator he will combine toughness and wisdom in finding solutions to the problem of illegal immigration. "

    "I have been in the fight against illegal immigration and in the fight to defend our borders for years. In 2008 and before, I sent 96 faxes to Washington DC standing against illegal immigration, in defense of our borders and supporting border patrol agents Ramos and Compean, who were eventually pardoned by President Bush after much pressure from the people of the United States through organizations like NumbersUSA." ~ Shane Coley

This image shows my account with NumbersUSA. You will see that as of March 2008 I sent 96 faxes to Washington DC demanding enforcement of our immigration laws, defense of our borders and support for our border patrol agents, Ramos and Compean.

NumbersUSA has been the premier organization fighting for American citizens against amnesty for illegal aliens and against bad immigration policy.

NumbersUSA wants our borders to be secure and our immigration laws to be enforced.