With Appreciation To My Friend

Dr. C. B. Skelton is a fixture in our community and he is well known far and wide. Among other things, he is Barrow County's own Poet laureate.

I first met Doc in the mid 1990's when I joined the Gideon ministry. He pressed me to be a speaker before I was ready. I have long appreciated that push.

Over the past couple of years I have spoken often on the subject of production and the condition of our nation. This passionate discourse included comments over breakfast after Saturday morning prayer meetings with the Gideons.

One day Doc shared with me that he might write a poem to describe these things that were so central to my thinking.

Needless to say, I was delighted by the idea. I shared various things I had written over the years and after a few months Doc produced this poem.

It was printed in the Sunday, January 31, 2010 edition of the Barrow County News.

I don't think Doc could have given me a finer gift. This is the telling of a story and the sharing of knowledge that can restore our nation; our Liberty.

That makes it a gift for us all.

Doc, I offer my most sincere thanks.

Production, Profit, Politics and Poverty

Money is a nonspecific term
referring us to certain coins or paper.
Its value, then, can be of great concern –
anywhere from solid gold to vapor.

In earliest days, the bartering of goods
was how mankind completed his transactions,
and mutual trade depended, as it should,
upon a person's personal production.

Unless a man produced some fruit or grain
or other product needed by his neighbor,
he had no product worthy of exchange,
and he was poor, regardless of his labor.

As time moved on, some simple weights and measures
evolved to be a standard for man's trade;
but sinful man, to steal his neighbors treasures
had false weights and measures secretly made.

Then one who had not labored for production
reaped rewards of someone else's pain,
and he who labored had unjust reduction
in that which should have been his rightful gain.

In no uncertain terms through Moses' pen,
God condemned this system of false weights
and told His people time and time again
it was an act He would not tolerate.

Then men formed governments with power to tax
to raise support for government’s existence.
They laid oppressive rules on people's backs
and punished every act of men’s resistance.

But governments are not production machines.
They have no way to garner any wealth
except by tax or by some devious means
like printing extra money in sheer stealth.

Costless money, like false measures and weights,
is reaping where one has not turned his hand
and is a practice God has said He hates.
It cannot bring His favor to our land.

When God first placed mankind in Eden's Garden,
He gave to him a certain life pursuit;
to care for all the things that were in Eden
and, as reward, to eat of the garden's fruit.

If God's plan called for earth's first man to labor
in a garden perfect in His sight,
then reason says that work evokes His favor,
and indolence does not bring His delight.

But now, the government with costly plans
to be run by its varied institutions
incentifies the indolence of man
with policies of wealth redistribution.

These handouts where a man performs no work,
do not conform to God's production filter.
They encourage tendencies to shirk,
and show our government is out of kilter.

The government cannot hand out one thing
to people who, by choice, have not been working
that it does not by some means take the thing
from one who has his duties not been shirking.

God commands we take care of the poor,
the orphans and the widows in their defeat;
and Paul’s command is equally as sure,
“If anyone will not work, neither let him eat.”

© 2009, cbs

Sunday, January 31, 2010 edition of the Barrow County News

 Dr. C.B. Skelton is Poet laureate for Barrow
County and the official poet for the City of Winder.
He has written Dirty Laundry and Fil-Osophy-Phool-Osophy
and has CDs of his music. Contact Skelton at (770) 867-9868
or e-mail him at doc-skelton@aol.com