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06/18/10 Local, state candidates seek votes at GOP forum


Shane Coley said he was running because he has a "passion for liberty."

Reciting his campaign mantra of "Government is the problem, productivity is the solution," Coley accused the government of stealing the life, liberty and property of its citizens.

"We no longer abide by the Constitution," he said. "Instead we employ the ten planks of the communist manifesto."

Coley said he supports eliminating property taxes a tax he said reduces property owners to mere tenants of the government.

"We must change the way we think," he said. "We must learn the truth about money and production."

06/02/10 Republican candidates participate in discussion.

Chamber of Commerce hosts panel for for 47th Senate seat

Coley stated that he [has] a "passion for our liberties" and that his personal tea party began 14 years ago.

"Our government steals our liberties and property," he said, adding that the country no longer abides by the Constitution, but the Communist Manifesto.

"Georgia has a duty to unleash the people from the death grip of unlawful government actions"

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